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Walpack Township Committee Meeting Minutes:

October 27, 2009

The meeting of the Walpack Township Committee was called to order at 8 p.m. by Mayor Fuller who stated this meeting was being held in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act having been duly advertised.

Present were: Committeeman Heigis, Deputy Mayor Maglio, and Mayor Fuller

Also in attendance: Virginia Fuller

The minutes of the September 29, 2009 meeting were presented for approval. Deputy Mayor Maglio made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Committeeman Heigis and unanimously carried.

Committeeman Heigis made a motion to approve the vouchers for payment seconded by Deputy Mayor Maglio and unanimously carried. The following bills were approved for payment:

10/01/2009 14813 63 STATE OF NJ 927 152.79 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14814  24 The Morville Agency  250.00 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14815 21  Sussex County Mun. Utility Auth.  10.00 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14816  8 Municipal Software, Inc.  100.00 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14817 13 Laddey Clark & Ryan  333.33 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14818 16 JCP&L  3.25 (Manual)
10/27/2009 14819  3 Embarq  1.66 (Manual)
10/27/2009  14820 3 Embarq  33.27 (Manual)
10/27/2009  14821   15 Sprint  8.02 (Manual)
10/27/2009  14822   63 STATE OF NJ 927  152.71 (Manual)
1,045.03  Manual 

Mayor Fuller explained a situation that arose over the past month regarding the transportation of recyclables to SCMUA.

Mayor Fuller read the resolution authorizing him to transport the recyclables on behalf of the township due to the fact the township does not have township owned vehicle. Deputy Mayor Maglio made a motion to approve the resolution seconded by Committeeman Heigis.

The committee reviewed the correspondence.

There being no further business to discuss and no one in attendance, Committeeman Heigis made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Deputy Mayor Maglio. The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Betsy M. Cuneo
Municipal Clerk